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Hatfield College was founded in 1846. Since then, thousands of students have become lifelong Hatfielders, remaining part of our unique college community.

The 1846 Club has been launched so that Hatfielders can continue to make an impact on the life of the college through regular giving to the Hatfield Trust.

By pledging to give £18.46 annually, quarterly, or monthly, you will ensure that Hatfield can provide extra opportunities and experiences for our students, enabling them to gain the most out of their time at university, and to prepare them to make a meaningful difference in the world long after they graduate.

There are four tiers of support: Member, Partner, Guardian, and Patron.

Each tier comes with different benefits to donors to thank you for your generous support.

Simply choose below which level of support you would like to pledge to the Trust and you will make a real difference to the lives of current and future generations of Hatfield students.


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Become an 1846 Club Member

£18.46 a year

Become an 1846 Club Partner 

£18.46 a quarter

Become an 1846 Club Guardian

£18.46 a month

Become an 1846 Club Patron 

£1,846 a year

Join the 1846 Club on the Dunelm website

How your support helps

Nurturing student development

Current students can benefit from Hatfield Trust funding in a number of ways and many of them do!

We are pleased to support students undertaking aspirational activities that further their personal, academic and intellectual development beyond the requirements of their degree.

Browse the links below to read how donations and support from the alumni community have enabled the Trust to help current students.

Are you interested in helping future students achieve their aspirations?

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Supporting an inclusive community

At Hatfield, we are proud to welcome students from a diverse range of backgrounds. We want all our students to have the opportunity to participate fully in College life and pursue interests and experiences beyond their degree.

Follow the links below to the Dunelm website to read about how the Hatfield Trust supports Hatfield students through support for College sports and societies, and our new Hatfield Bursaries scheme being offered for the first time in 2019/20.

Are you interested in helping us provide equal opportunities for all our students?

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